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Our Endodontic Services

At Endodontic Specialists, our endodontists and dental team provide a range of endodontic services to keep your smile healthy.

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Endodontics & Root Canals

Endodontic and root canal treatment to help relieve symptoms such as severe tooth pain and sensitivity. We may be able to repair an injured or damaged tooth.

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Endodontics & Root Canals, Toronto endodontist
Injury Treatment & Restorations, Toronto endodontist

Root Canal Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment gives us another chance to save your tooth if initial treatment has not yielded anticipated results. 

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Endodontic Surgery

We offer a range of dental technologies and treatment practices to perform endodontic surgery for patients who experience persistent symptoms such as pain or inflammation.

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Dental Sedation, Toronto endodontist
Traumatic Dental Injuries, Toronto endodontist

Traumatic Dental Injuries

With treatment for dental injuries, we can aim to save injured teeth, eliminate infection and repair damage. 

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New Patients Welcome

Looking for a endodontist in Toronto? We're happily accepting new patients! Contact us to get started today. 

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